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Probate is the legal process by which a recently deceased person’s estate (i.e., property) is passed to people who survived them.   If there is a will, the will usually names the person to manage this process. In North Carolina this person is called an executor.  If there is no will, then State law  says how to distribute an individual’s property when they die.   This is called intestate succession.  The court will designate someone to manage this process.  In North Carolina this person is called a personal representative.

Compared to many other states, probate in North Carolina is relatively straightforward.  However, it can be tedious to locate all the assets and inventory these assets for the court. Probate also requires notifying creditors, paying debts, locating heirs and distributing property.   These tasks can be very time consuming.  Also, this process can be very emotionally difficult if you were close to the deceased.  

I can handle the entire probate process for you for a percentage of the assets of the estate.  Or, if you prefer to do the work yourself,  I can be available for a fixed fee to answer any questions you may have as you go through the process.  Many people use the process of doing probate for the person they love as a final gift to that person and therefore prefer to do the work themselves.  I am willing to work with you to help you get through probate no matter which way you choose to do it. 



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