Nancy Mayer, Attorney at Law

                      Immigration, Disability and Elder Law

                                                       Federal Employees


Federal Employees often have legal issues.  From my decades of serving as a Steward for the American Federation of Government Employees at the US Environmental Protection Agency I have learned both the written and unwritten rules for writing and processing grievances and complaints against Federal Civil Service managers.  I am willing to draft complaints, grievances, and official government forms, and provide guidance on how to interact with others in your office during these processes.  I can work openly on these issues including appearing at hearings or conferences with you.  I am also willing to work behind the scenes coaching you and your union steward, if applicable, or drafting documents for other's signatures. I can also work with your doctor to draft effective medical documentation if needed.    

Specific issues I can help Federal Civil Service employees with include:
Accommodation Requests under the Federal Rehabilitation Act/Americans with Disabilities Act
Disability Retirement Requests
Worker's Compensation Requests
Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints
Work related grievances 
Normal retirement requests


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